Bishnu Aryal

Bishnu is the founder member and director of Educonnecx Consultancy with very high creative
thinking and hardworking skills that establish him as a dedicated and visionary leader. Bishnu is also Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC No: NO26) and has already established himself as a trusted advisor in financial Industry. Talking about his qualifications, he himself has experienced the student life in Australia while studying from Certificate level up to the master’s degree. He has master’s in business management, Accounting and Neurolinguistic Programming.

With all his hard-earned degrees and experiences, passion, and deep level of knowledge in International Student Counselling and their current issues, he meets the organisation’s expectations to lift the company to next level in terms of Student counselling, visa applications and all other services we provide for our clients.

Anupama Bastola

Meet Anupama Bastola, an esteemed member of our expert team at Educonnecx Consultancy and Migration Services. With over a decade of diverse experience in production management, community empowerment, and leadership across Nepal and Australia, Anupama brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. 

A graduate of Mass Communication and Journalism and a Social Worker at the Australian Association of Social Workers, she offers invaluable insights and support to our clients for their great career choice. Anupama also excels in counseling, networking, and program management. Anupama’s expertise also extends to content creation and audience engagement. With a background in theater production and event management from Gurukul, School of Theatre, and leadership roles in community organizations, Anupama demonstrates strategic planning, communication, and mentorship skills. 

Anupama is also a certified counselor in drug treatment and service providers from Government of Nepal & Tribhuvan University, Nepal . Recognized as a youth role model and recipient of numerous awards, Anupama is dedicated to making significant contributions as a Business Development Manager and Counsellor, guiding our clients towards their migration and educational aspirations in Sydney successfully. 

Amrit Baral

Amrit leads the Administration and Business Development division at Educonnecx Consultancy in Sydney. Having work experience as a teaching professional in Nepal for over 13 years, he has a good knowledge of understanding students and their interest with the great techniques to counsel them. He has a very sound knowledge in terms of taking the business in the market and to the people in need.

Talking about his qualifications, he has double master’s degree in M.Sc. (mathematics) from Tribhuvan University, Nepal and MBA/MPA from Holmes Institute Sydney, Australia. With all his hard-earned qualifications and experiences, he stands as a strong pillar of our organisation to lead towards success and satisfactions.

Amesh Bhandari

Amesh, a dedicated Education Counsellor at Educonnecx Consultancy in Australia, where he has immersed himself in the dynamic field of education. With a QEAC certification (QEAC number: 11721), Amesh specializes in guiding students through the complexities of education and migration to Australia.

In his role, Amesh goes beyond the conventional and dives deep into extensive research to ensure he remains at the forefront of the latest updates in education and migration policies. His commitment is rooted in providing students with accurate and up-to-date information to facilitate their educational journey in Australia.

Passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of aspiring students, Amesh is a reliable guide, committed to helping them navigate the intricate landscape of education and migration seamlessly. With a combination of knowledge, certification, and a creative mindset, Amesh is dedicated to shaping successful educational journeys for students seeking opportunities in Australia.

Samir Basnet

Samir, a dynamic individual driven by a passion for learning and a strong work ethic. Currently serving as an Admin Officer, who bring a wealth of dedication and enthusiasm to the role.

His professional journey has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a keen ability to adapt swiftly to new challenges. As a quick learner, he thrives in environments that demand continuous growth and evolution.

He has completed bachelor’s degree in business and finance. he has been successful to brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for excellence. His contributions significantly impact any team or project he undertakes, reflecting his ability to adapt and excel. With a strong foundation in business and finance, Samir is primed to continue making meaningful steps in his professional journey.

Bijay Kumar Shrestha

Bijaya Kumar Shrestha leads the Administration and GTE Documentation at Educonnecx Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. in New, Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal, with over 4 years of work experience as a GTE Documentation Officer in consultancy and migration field. He has a good knowledge of understanding students background and efficiently organizing their documentation tasks accordingly.                                                                                                   

He is graduated from Morgan International College in Nepal with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management. Known for honesty, enthusiasm, and hard work, Bijaya sets high standards for himself and motivates others. He is a fast learner and achiever, adapting swiftly to new concepts. 

Bijaya’s life journey is marked by a commitment to continuous growth, embracing diverse experiences as opportunities for learning and sharing. His qualifications and extensive experience make him a key asset, contributing to the success and satisfaction of the organization.

Connect with him at, or +977 9704303779+977 014592122.

Roshmita Thapa

Roshmita Thapa is a proficient Finance Officer and Documentation officer at Educonnex. She is a dynamic young professional who holds a Master’s in Business Administration degree, bringing a unique blend of academic excellence and practical expertise to her roles. Her dedication and proficiency make her an invaluable asset to our team. 

Bibhushan Chakubaji

Bibhushan Chakubaji, widely known as Bibs, is a Finance Officer at Educonnecx, a leading education partner for numerous institutions across Australia. With an academic foundation in business and information management, Bibs has skillfully integrated his technical proficiency with financial expertise, making him an invaluable asset to the organization.

Pratima Aryal

Pratima is an Admin Officer who loves learning and always brings enthusiasm to her work.
She graduated from Tribhuvan University in Business and Marketing, showing her dedication
to education.

In her two years of experience in education industry, Pratima has shown that she works hard
and can adapt quickly to new situations. She always tries her best and takes on challenges
eagerly, making her a valuable member of any team.

Pratima doesn’t just stick to her job description; she goes above and beyond to make sure
things succeed. She has a positive attitude and encourages others to do their best.
Outside of work, Pratima enjoys learning new things because she believes it’s important to
keep growing. With her determination and love for learning, Pratima is ready to keep moving
forward in her career.