Privacy Policy

Educonnecx Consultancy and Migration Pty Ltd is abide by the law in Australia regarding the Privacy and data collection. Its operation is conducted in accordance with The Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) and The Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1988 (PPIP Act). We are bound by the strict confidentiality and secrecy provisions for the data we collect from our clients and partners in terms of personal, social, family and health sector. The data and information collected by any means of communication are protected with equal care and security. Our Obligations are as follows:

  1. Educonnecx Consultancy and Migration allow customers and partners to utilize the right to ask the reason for data and personal information collections.
  2. Educonnecx Consultancy and Migration set out the rules and strategy on the manner how we collect, use, disclose and store the personal information collected during the period of service.
  3. When you provide the required documentation containing your personal information, you consent us to provide and disclose the information to the necessary body for the purpose of the service provided to you.
  4. The NSW legislation and the Commonwealth Law we administer allow us the authority to collect your necessary personal information.
  5. Educonnecx Consultancy and Migration may also obtain an information about you and your family members, any other parties involved and government agencies when required.
  6. Any personal and family information we receive from the third party and agency is treated and protected in a same way that you provide to us.
  7. We may use your personal information in the conditions if:
    • It is required and necessary as per the law
    • We have the consent from you to use
    • Its use is in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.


In accordance with the interpretation from the Privacy Act 1988.

Personal Information means any information or opinion of an identified person who is reasonably identified. This will be used to identify whether the information or opinion is true or in a material form or not.

Privacy Policy is defined as the policy to maintain the privacy and the security of the shared information and is amended time to time.

Educonnecx Consultancy and Migration/we/us means Educonnecx Consultancy and Migration Pty Ltd ABN 20659254412 and its all-associated entity.

Service means all visa, migration and courses related services that is provided from the Educonnecx Consultancy and Migration.

Consent means your written and verbal conscious agreement to allow Educonnecx Consultancy and Migration to deal with the other parties and providers on your behalf.

Website means the means of social site specifically built for the promotion of services and Identity of Educonnecx Consultancy and Migration. It is listed below:

You mean any individual, organisation or group of individuals entered the service contract with the Educonnecx Consultancy and Migration.

Personal Information

As being the Counselling and Migration based service provider, Educonnecx Consultancy and Migration may be required to collect the following nature of information from you and your subsequent applicants:

  • Name (including family name)
  • Gender
  • Age/date of Birth
  • Residential and Mailing Address
  • Family and Employment Details
  • Passport details and any other Identity Document’s details
  • Email and Contact Details
  • Academic/Work related/Government Documents if required
  • Any criminal and Health records
  • Financial and Social related documents and information
  • Bank Accounts Details or Card Information
  • Marriage or past marriage related documents
  • Any other sensitive information that will directly affects your service
  • Outcome from Educonnecx Consultancy and Migration.

Purpose and Disclosure of the Collected Information

The purpose of collecting the necessary information and documents is solely based upon the service you ask from Educonnecx Consultancy and Migration Pty Ltd. This information is collected for various reason such as:

  • To identify that we are providing service to the right person
  • To make the process easier and faster
  • To receive the positive outcome for the offered service on your behalf
  • To get the authority to act on your behalf with various departments and
  • To prepare your file as true and genuine

Similarly, while working on your matter, we are subjected to disclose your personal information to the third parties for the matter of the above purposes. Therefore, providing your personal information to us means that you have given us consent to do so. Some major third parties which we disclose your information might be following but not limited:

  • Education Providers
  • Sub-Agent or Super-Agent of Educonnecx Consultancy and Migration
  • Department of Home Affairs
  • Any Authorised Registration Bodies
  • To the court or legal entity if required
  • To your employers or sponsors if necessary

Complaint against Misconduct and Breach of Privacy

If you believe that the privacy policy adopted by the Educonnecx Consultancy and Consultancy is against the current governing legislation and is inappropriate, you can file a contact the Educonnecx Consultancy and Migration and file a complaint. We take such complaints with urgency and will process to resolve the matter within the 2 weeks of the complaint being filed. Alternatively, you can send your complaints through our website and describing your matter in the description box with your detailed information.

Further Contact and Information

For any confusions and query related to the privacy and security matter, practices and disclosures, please contact our team via our website or contacting us via email on or calling on 02 91820936.