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Frequently Asked Questions

To be in Australia legally, there are several procedures to get a valid visa as per your requirements and capability. There is various visa subclass that can be applied from any corner of the world to come here. However, your visa application will be assessed upon your Academic, financial, skills, social, work types, etc. and visa will be granted accordingly.

Staying in Australia with your valid visa is conditional with your time and conditions indicated in your visa label.

If English is not your first language, the Australian education providers will require you to sit on the English test (IELTS, PTE, TOFEL, etc.) to admit you in their campus. However, the band score you need for admissions depends upon the Course you choose and the campus you will get admissions in.

The time frame for your visa decision is totally depends upon the nature of visa you applied for and its volume in front of the department, number of required documents you have provided to the department in the timely way, etc.

You must undergo medical and biometrics test for the approval of your student visa. You need to book an appointment from the verified medical organization in your home country for medical test as required by your visa application and HAP ID is must to be provided. For biometrics, you need to make an appointment from the nearest VFS office.

Yes. The Australian Government has provided an opportunity to work on part-time basis while you are enrolled in your course. The current working hours for the student is 40 Hours per 1 fortnight unless any new amendments are made. However, you can work full-time while on school vacation. Saying that, working rights are to be followed strictly and responsibility by the international students to stay legally in Australia.

Yes. The Australian government has made it compulsory for all students to maintain their health insurance until their Visa expiry date.

Upon the visa grant, you are abiding by the Australian legislation, ESOS Act and Migration act and their rules. Therefore, changing the courses and college without genuine reason and appropriate procedure will arise risk at your visa. You are obliged to maintain the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) and Terms and Conditions of Primary course and its providers.

It is always a great idea and smart act to plan before it is about to expire. You will obviously need visa to stay lawfully in Australia and complete you designated course. Thus, if you know your visa need to be extended, please consult with your Education Consultant, and arrange accordingly as per need. It is advised to do so at least a month prior to its expiry as it may sometimes take some time to collect and arrange all the required documents.

Once the course is completed, you may be eligible for various range of visa and migration choices. It is distinctly depending upon your completed course, your work and academic achievements, and the state you are living. For further information on your eligibility and opportunities, you can visit our main office in Sydney and consult with our experienced Migration agent and Consultant. You can also reach to us on 02 91820936.