Professional Year

Professional Year program is an opportunity for the student to gain practical knowledge and skills on their achieved course of bachelors and masters in IT or Accounting. This program is the combination of the formal learning followed by the practical skill achievement through Australian Internship Placement. It is designed to enhance the ability of the student to obtain the higher possibility of achieving employment in their chosen discipline. It familiarises you with the Australian workplace structures and values to add in the workplace. It is also designed to add another 5 points for the purpose of skilled migration process. 

We have increased our partnership with various PY providers institute who provides this program in very equipped, competitive, and flexible way. The student doesn’t need to attend whole week for this program and can attend only one class per week including weekend for up to the terms of 44 weeks with 12 weeks intensive placement. The student is eligible to take this course once after competition of their bachelors or masters’ course from Australia.

To apply for this course, the applicant must hold or have already applied for the Temporary Residence Visa (Sub-class 485). The visa should be valid until the competition of the course. For Engineering students, they will be eligible for Engineering Professional Year if has obtained the positive skill assessment from Engineers Australia and holds a Skilled-Recognised Graduate visa (Sub-Class 476).

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