PTE is a computer-based English testing system that is aimed to measure your English language proficiency level for the academic and general purpose in terms of four core English skills: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. There are other forms of English test which are valid for both reasons, but PTE is familiar and more likely chosen to test these days.

We support student to take PTE preparation class to achieve their desired score for academic or general purpose. We have partnered with various serious providers with the reputation of delivering highly effective PTE preparation classes. We have helped many students to take this course and they have achieved their required score in the first attempt. This is very important task while talking about getting PR visa. Scoring at least 79 in each skill set will allow you to ask for 20 skilled points towards Points-based-system Skilled Migration pathways.


National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) is an Australia wide standards organisation who holds a responsibility for setting, maintaining, and promoting high professional standards for translators and interpreters.

NAATI CCL is verified in Australia for the 5 points towards the point-based-system Skilled Migration process. This will be awarded to those at the Paraprofessional level or above, upon successful accreditation from the Authority. There are certain levels that need to be complied with to complete the course.

We have parented with various institute who have been providing the teaching materials and services on NAATI Preparation so that we can help our students to achieve the points level for Skilled migration pathway.

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