Education Counselling

Education Counselling has been very important and crucial service as the education sectors have been significantly changed with the great and bigger scope and improvements in the quality of education and the specialized courses offered by various colleges and universities. In these circumstances, students seeking quality and career focused education, often finds it difficult and puzzled to choose the right course. There is where the Education Counselling plays a vital role to assist those students to be familiar with the right courses for their bright career.

Our Education Counselling is primarily focused on meeting the student’s academic profile, future-plan and ambitions and connect them with the right education providers for the right course. Our professional counselling will lead student in choosing the right course from the right education provider in Australia for the better outcome with visa and career prospective.

Many of us may think that the professional guidance and counselling is not required in our educational and career quest but having a right mentoring may transform your life and give meaning to your values and dream. There are some steps that we provide counselling to our students:

Educational Counselling and Study Guidance

We will be strongly focused on choosing right educational pathways after browsing the academic strength of the students. We will be putting our effort to eliminate any dilemmas in choosing the right stream to the best college offering the right course after completing high school and above. 

Our professional team not only guide you for admissions and visa issues, but will closely take care of other issues that may hinder your capability:

  • Any family related issues
  • Gender and equality issues
  • Education leading to the career issues
  • Transportation and location related issues
  • Bullying and Racism matters

Career Counselling

We basically provide the professional mentorship that the student requires at every step of their Academic and Professional Upliftment. Some of the Career Counselling tips for students are:

  • Finding what they are interested in
  • Providing various ranges of education providers and teaching methods
  • Reflect on their academic goals and scopes
  • Help them create the career and academic plan as per their preferences
  • Ease in financial budgeting and time management
  • Assist them for self-evaluation and develop confidence

Vocational Counselling

We also advice our students on finding the related occupations after the completion of the study and the prospects of job opportunity. We also explain them about some demanding jobs and courses and necessary skills and qualifications to achieve it.

Migration and Visa Counselling

Australia is known as one of the most popular destinations for migration. Each year many people migrate to Australia for various purposes. It is well known for its fast visa processing system which attracts many people from different parts of the world. There are several magnetic factors such as high employment rate, good pay, well designed infrastructures, great climate, satisfactory government facilities, etc which attracts an individual to visit and settle in Australia.

Applying for an eligible visa to migrate to Australia is easy and hassle free only if handled and processed with full understandings and care. This process involves lots of documentation, completing lengthy forms and applications, providing correct and specific information which can be time consuming and frustrating if you try to do without adequate knowledge and information. Therefore, our professional team from Educonnecx Consultancy and Migration Services are available anytime for your assistance and to make your visa and migration process easy, effective, and productive.

Student Visa:

We are highly specialised in providing services to the international students to achieve the student visa for their future study in Australia. We aid them to apply student visa for their chosen course and make them familiarize with the conditions attached with the student visa. We are always open to provide them with all kinds of services and assistance to make them covered with all regulatory obligations while in the visa.

Temporary Graduate Visa:

After the competition of graduate degree or any eligible Vet courses, the international students are eligible for this visa stream. We offer the highly professional advice and assistance to our students with all the requirements and eligibility criteria for this visa and advise them for any accreditations required. This visa allows them to stay, study and work in Australia for up to 4 years depending on the state they are applying from and the course they have completed. This is the pathfinder opportunity if you are seeking an option of PR visa in Australia.

Visitor Visa:

The popular Visitor visa stream for those who has an intention to travel to Australia to visit family or friends, as a tourist, business purpose, entertainment purpose, etc., is Visitor Visa Sub Class 600.The visa is granted with the permission to stay up to the period of 12 months in Australia and can be granted with multiple entries. This visa may be granted upon several conditions in it and few of them are:

Condition 8503,8534 and 8535 (No Further Stay)

With this visa condition, you must depart from Australia and may not be eligible to apply for any other visa stream until it is successfully waived upon special condition.

Condition 8101 (No work)

This condition means that you must not work legally while you are in Australia.

Condition 8201 (Maximum three months study)

This condition means that you are only allowed to engage in up to but not exceeding three months of study or training while you are in Australia.

There are several documents required prior applying for Tourist visa. Our team is very professional and will guide you through the visa application process until the decision is made. We will provide you with the detailed checklist and any necessary information you need to provide. The visa application fee is AUD 150 (may be amended upon new policy) and the time frame for decision varies depending upon documents and information provided and the volume of applications in front of the department.

Partner Visa:

This visa is for those eligible candidates whose spouse or de facto partner is an Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen. It will allow them to stay temporarily or permanently in Australia. It can be applied while you are in Australia or overseas, but the Visa Sub Class will be different. As per current amendment, Visa application fee is AUD 8085 for both phases involved. Additional applicants attract increasing fee.

The visa is approved on two different phases. At first, the applicant will be granted with Temporary Visa (309, 820) leading to direct Permanent Visa (100, 801).

This visa application requires many documentations process and several evidence are to be provided to prove that the relationship is genuine and continuing. This may be confusing and difficult for an individual with no previous experience. Therefore, our professional and highly experienced team will be assisting you from the beginning of the process until the end in friendly and time efficiency manner.

General Skilled Migration:

This visa is the open pathway for the migrants to receive Permanent Residency of Australia under various nominations and provisions. This visa processing is determined by a point-based system and can be granted in various categories such as:

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

For those applicants who hold occupations on Australia’s Skilled Occupation List, may be eligible for this Visa. To be eligible, the applicant needs to complete skill test and should have the adequate points as per point-based system.

There are various complex information and requirements that need to be met by an applicant for applying and receiving positive outcome for this visa. We are very professional and have a qualified Migration Agent to look after our client to achieve this visa. We will be guiding from the bottom to the top of this visa achievement.

Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

This permanent visa is for those point-tested skilled workers who have successfully were nominated from the State and Territory Government.

For this process, you need to hold at least the minimal points required as per your occupation and need to submit and expression of interest (EOI) and be invited by Skill Select.

This visa process is time consuming and need to be updated regularly that which state and territory is offering this scheme and at what time. In Educonnecx, we keep monitoring our student’s eligibility and State’s sponsorship scheme and help our client to achieve it at the earliest possible. We guide through all the process beginning from EOI Lodgement visa Skill Select and documentation process. Our professional team will make your journey through all complex process involved in this visa application easy and potential.

Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 489)

This visa allows you to stay and work in the specific regional area of Australia for the period of 4-years. This visa will provide you with two pathways towards Longer and permanent stay such as the Extended Stay pathway and the Invited pathway.

To apply for this stream visa, our team will make sure that whether you meet the required eligibility criteria and holds all relevant documentation. As it involves various stages, this process is complex and requires the expert hand to make it positively assessed and come up with fruitful outcome. Therefore, our passionate and motivated team members will be the great assistance for you to take this visa application with duly care and perfection.

Visa Lodgement for several Sub-class

Visa lodgement is the very crucial part that need to be performed with extra care and conscious mind. All the information that needs to be provided must be accurate and need to match with the original documents. Required documents are to be provided and as much as information and evidence to clarify the claimed purpose need to be submitted so that the visa application seems genuine and clean. Any errors on doing so will results in visa refusal which will be frustrating and carry many drawbacks.

Therefore, our professional team are highly experienced in visa lodgements for major sub-classes and have attention to details attitude. We value the importance of visa grant for our clients and consciously provide all required information and evidence to make the visa outcome positive and fruitful. We will provide with the detailed checklist for the visa class that need to be applied for and double-check with our client prior lodging.

Health Insurance (OSHC & OVHC)

It is required for you to maintain the appropriate health insurance policy if you are intending to visit Australia for work purpose or as a visitor. Health covers are designated as per the requirements of the visa sub-class you are currently holding. Some of the Health Insurance Cover as per the visa Sub-classes are explained below:

Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC)

There are several Visa Classes whose health insurance requirements are covered by the OVHC. Some of them are listed as below:

  • Sub-Classes 300,580,590,600,601
  • Sub – Classes 482, 485, 400,401, 486, 489
  • Sub – Classes 417, 462, 407
  • Various Bridging Visas

Unlike OSHC, this policy can be purchased for the period you are required and can be paid monthly from your nominated bank account using Direct debit service.

This insurance is available on the different ranges as per your application such as single Policy to cover an individual, Couple policy for Couple and family policy to cover your partner and any of your children.

We will assist you to find the best cover and provider to cover your insurance needs as required by the visa you hold.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

It is mandatory for overseas students and their accompanied family members to maintain their Overseas Student Health Cover status till their stay in Australia in the Student Visa Stream (Sub-Class 500). OSHC can be purchased from an approved health insurance service provider.

Nature and price of the health cover varies as per the duration of the course and the number of applicants in the visa application.

From many service providers, we will be at your assistance to choose the right and cost-effective Insurance provider for you and your accompanying family members. We will seek the best and right policy for you to cover as many essential services as required from the wide range of our Health Insurance partners.

Professional Year

Professional Year program is an opportunity for the student to gain practical knowledge and skills on their achieved course of bachelors and masters in IT or Accounting. This program is the combination of the formal learning followed by the practical skill achievement through Australian Internship Placement. It is designed to enhance the ability of the student to obtain the higher possibility of achieving employment in their chosen discipline. It familiarises you with the Australian workplace structures and values to add in the workplace. It is also designed to add another 5 points for the purpose of skilled migration process. 

We have increased our partnership with various PY providers institute who provides this program in very equipped, competitive, and flexible way. The student doesn’t need to attend whole week for this program and can attend only one class per week including weekend for up to the terms of 44 weeks with 12 weeks intensive placement. The student is eligible to take this course once after competition of their bachelors or masters’ course from Australia.

To apply for this course, the applicant must hold or have already applied for the Temporary Residence Visa (Sub-class 485). The visa should be valid until the competition of the course. For Engineering students, they will be eligible for Engineering Professional Year if has obtained the positive skill assessment from Engineers Australia and holds a Skilled-Recognised Graduate visa (Sub-Class 476).



PTE is a computer-based English testing system that is aimed to measure your English language proficiency level for the academic and general purpose in terms of four core English skills: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. There are other forms of English test which are valid for both reasons, but PTE is familiar and more likely chosen to test these days.

We support student to take PTE preparation class to achieve their desired score for academic or general purpose. We have partnered with various serious providers with the reputation of delivering highly effective PTE preparation classes. We have helped many students to take this course and they have achieved their required score in the first attempt. This is very important task while talking about getting PR visa. Scoring at least 79 in each skill set will allow you to ask for 20 skilled points towards Points-based-system Skilled Migration pathways.


National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) is an Australia wide standards organisation who holds a responsibility for setting, maintaining, and promoting high professional standards for translators and interpreters.

NAATI CCL is verified in Australia for the 5 points towards the point-based-system Skilled Migration process. This will be awarded to those at the Paraprofessional level or above, upon successful accreditation from the Authority. There are certain levels that need to be complied with to complete the course.

We have parented with various institute who have been providing the teaching materials and services on NAATI Preparation so that we can help our students to achieve the points level for Skilled migration pathway.