Anupama Bastola

Meet Anupama Bastola, an esteemed member of our expert team at Educonnecx Consultancy and Migration Services. With over a decade of diverse experience in production management, community empowerment, and leadership across Nepal and Australia, Anupama brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. 

A graduate of Mass Communication and Journalism and a Social Worker at the Australian Association of Social Workers, she offers invaluable insights and support to our clients for their great career choice. Anupama also excels in counseling, networking, and program management. Anupama's expertise also extends to content creation and audience engagement. With a background in theater production and event management from Gurukul, School of Theatre, and leadership roles in community organizations, Anupama demonstrates strategic planning, communication, and mentorship skills. 

Anupama is also a certified counselor in drug treatment and service providers from Government of Nepal & Tribhuvan University, Nepal . Recognized as a youth role model and recipient of numerous awards, Anupama is dedicated to making significant contributions as a Business Development Manager and Counsellor, guiding our clients towards their migration and educational aspirations in Sydney successfully.